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Batch converts Shell Scrap Object files created with Microsoft Word or other applications into RTF documents that can be opened with OpenOffice.

wxScrap2rtf is an extremely useful tiny tool that will help you to recover scrap files into RTF readable files. It is capable of finding all the SHS files created using - for example - Microsoft Word and transform them into RTF, a format that your OpenOffice suite will recognize and open. Its batch capabilities allow you to perform this conversion process for as many files as needed.

Even though OpenOffice provides you with support for various Microsoft Office document types - such as DOC and DOCX - it is incapable of dealing with SHS files. These "scrap" files are the result of moving a portion of, say, a DOC file directly into a folder. This kind of temporary file is nothing more than an RTF file in an OLE container, which wxScrap2rtf is able to "extract". The resulting RTF file is perfectly readable using your OpenOffice suite.

The program has been designed with a wizard-like look and feel, which guides you through the few and straightforward steps needed to find, convert, and get rid of all SHS scrap files present on your computer. This open-source (and therefore completely free) tool will put all the resulting RTF files into a specific folder and will delete the original SHS files (if so desired), thus keeping your computer free of unnecessary temporary files.

Francisco Martínez
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